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Innovation in research, farming practices, product strategy and development will drive broad sustainability benefits. At Cobram Estate Olives innovation has featured strongly in our journey, particularly with regards to our farming and horticultural practices and technologies. 

Olive.iQ® is CBO’s proprietary integrated olive oil production system, the result of more than 25 years of practical experience, research, and innovation. This system has been developed to maximise returns efficiently and sustainably.

CBO has been recognised for excellence in a range of fields. For over 15 years, our Modern Olives® technical laboratory has provided testing, research, and training services to the olive industry. It has been recognised by international organisations as a leading laboratory for analysing olive oil. AOCS (American Oil Chemist’s Society) has recognised these high standards with first place in 2007-08, 2011-12, 2013-14 and 2021-22, plus many other years with honourable mentions for its accuracy at intercomparison results with other laboratories around the world.

Our innovative farming practices, quality and assurance programs, and health science contributions have been recognised in over 27 peer reviewed scientific research papers. Our influence on agriculture in Australia has been recognised through several awards such as the Australian Financial Review 2022 Sustainability Leaders, 2022 Woolworths Better Tomorrow Award, 2022 Coles Supplier of the Year (grocery category) and NAB Agribusiness Awards (2009 – Innovation in New and Emerging Industries, 2007 – Exporter).

Our Joint-CEO, Leandro Ravetti, was recognised for his expertise in olive farming and production by winning the inaugural ‘Award on Master Milling/Chemical Engineering’ at the Health & Food, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards, Spain (2007). As a pioneer in developing the local olive industry in Australia, Leandro has been recognised by the Australian Olive Association for his ‘Contribution to the Industry Award’ and ‘Outstanding Contribution to Standardisation’. 

Our continued investment in research and development, and innovation will ensure that olive farming in Australia not only remains relevant globally, but excels by elevating the standard for quality, productivity and sustainability.

Our custom built ‘Colossus’ harvesting machines collect olives from our orchard without causing damage to the trees

Education & Engagement

We invest in educating society on the health, nutrition and environmental benefits of olives and olive products.

There are numerous government, industry and civil society initiatives that align with our business in some way, shape, or form. We prioritise the allocation of resources to collaborations that align with our strategic focus on health and sustainable agriculture, however we also engage in other ad-hoc opportunities that arise from time to time.

Some examples of how we have educated and engaged on health and sustainability include:

  • Have engaged with over 25,000 people on the health benefits of EVOO via unique virtual tasting events; audiences include our Cobram Academy VIP members, university students, dietitians, and nutritionists
  • Featured in a stand-alone segment on the free to air television program ‘Planet Shapers’ – a series aimed at showcasing sustainable businesses in Australia.
  • Sponsored a webinar with one of our partners Dietitian Connection where dietitian and CBO Board Member Dr Joanna McMillan spoke on “where veggies and extra virgin olive oil fit in a sustainable eating pattern”
  • Provided category messaging on EVOO sustainability through the Olive Wellness Institute® 
Over 25,000 people have experienced the joy of Cobram Estate EVOO through virtual tasting events


We commit to being an honest, ethical, and transparent company; ensuring that we meet and where possible exceed community and regulatory expectations.

We have a robust corporate governance structure. For an overview of our corporate governance (including statements, policies, board skills and charters) please click here

UN Global Compact

Cobram Estate Olives is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to the ten principles of the compact for responsible business under the themes of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.


We adopt a do no harm and continuous improvement philosophy to ensure a compliant and safe work environment.

CBO treats employee health and safety as an integral part of our business strategy. We believe the health and safety of all people connected with the company is paramount to a successful and harmonious business environment – our primary objective is to prevent all work-related incidents, illnesses, and injuries.

Our duty of care in this respect shall be achieved by:

  • Complying with all relevant statutory obligations
  • Developing a robust health and safety culture in the workplace
  • Providing adequate resources to establish and maintain safe systems of learning and work
  • Committed leadership where employee health and safety are an integral part of all business activity and long-term business strategy
  • Continuously improve safety performance through technology, education and management practices
  • Maintaining a safe working environment through regular workplace communication and consultation
  • Providing ongoing health and safety training where necessary for employees to safely perform their jobs
  • Provide induction programs for all new employees, contractors and other persons coming on site
  • The development of a robust ‘Contractor Protocol, requiring all contractors to conduct their operations consistent with CBO policy
  • Providing and implementing an appropriate emergency response program for unforeseen events to minimise the risk to people, facilities, assets, and the environment
  • Implementing a program of continuous safety improvement, through innovative technology, working participation, training, and management practices
  • Regular review and auditing of systems and performance against objectives

We have a dedicated EHS manager and committee responsible for ensuring we meet these expectations.



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Our Brands

We are a leading player in the global ‘modern’ olive industry, with brands incluing; Cobram Estate®, Red Island®, Wellgrove®, Modern Olives® and Oliv.iQ®.

Our Brands
Our Brands

Cobram Estate Olives Story

Rob & Paul planted the first olive tree in 1998, which has matured into over 130 people working across multiple sites in Victoria, Australia, and California, USA.

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