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Cobram Estate® logo Cobram Estate®
Cobram Estate®

CBO’s flagship retail brand, Cobram Estate®, was purchased by the Company in 2006. In FY2023, Cobram Estate® global sales totalled $87.0 million. The brand is well positioned as Australia’s #1 selling olive oil in Australian supermarkets by value in FY2023, and the #9 selling olive oil brand in USA supermarkets by value (excluding private label). Cobram Estate® is also exported to a further 15 countries including New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia, and is amongst the world’s most awarded olive oil brands, winning over 668 awards including Best in Class trophies and Gold Medals at the New York International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition., Californian business.
Red Island® logo Red Island®
Red Island®

Red Island® was purchased by CBO in 2012 and is the second-highest selling brand of Australian extra virgin olive oil (behind Cobram Estate®) with sales of $30.3 million in FY2023. Red Island® has received multiple awards for excellence in quality and taste and is distributed nationally throughout Australian supermarkets
and exported to New Zealand, Malaysia, Fiji, China, and Thailand. Red Island® is positioned to attract a more price-conscious shopper to the Australian extra virgin olive oil category, complimenting the Company’s premium Cobram Estate® brand.
Modern Olives® logo Modern Olives®
Modern Olives®

Modern Olives® is a leading provider of technical services to the olive industry. With accredited laboratories in Australia and the USA, Modern Olives® offers a wide range of chemical tests, sensory analysis, and blending advice, and undertakes research projects relating to olive oil and olive products. Modern Olives® holds AOCS, NATA, ISO, and TGA accreditation (Therapeutic Goods Association).
Stone & Grove® logo Stone & Grove®
Stone & Grove®

Stone & Grove® premium olive leaf teas are the result of several years of trialling and experimenting to produce the perfect olive leaf cuppa. Launched in 2019, Stone and Grove® olive leaf teas are currently sold online and in specialty channels in Australia, USA, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and is available online in Singapore.
Tree of Life® logo Tree of Life®
Tree of Life®

Tree of Life® extra virgin olive oil is sold in the foodservice channel in Australia and in retail and gifting in China.

Oliv.iQ® logo Oliv.iQ®

Oliv.iQ® is the Company’s exclusive and proprietary integrated olive oil production system and is the result of more than 20 years of practical experience, research and innovation carried out under the supervision of renowned expert and CBO’s Joint-CEO, Leandro Ravetti. Oliv.iQ® is a proven integrated production system that combines the most modern technology with sound horticultural and scientific knowledge to customise the best solution for each unique olive growing environment.