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Wellness Division

Our Wellness division, Boundary Bend Wellness, was established in 2017 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cobram Estate Olives.  The Wellness division aspires to be the global leader in developing innovative and sustainable solutions by utilising the by-products of extra virgin olive oil production and realising their full potential.

Our unique, holistic business model enables us to fully harness the natural goodness of the olive tree in a sustainable manner that ensures all parts of the olive tree are used to create products and services that may help improve the health and wellness of people all over the world.  


Holistic olive farming uses all of the products produced on the farm. Key outputs include:

The olive leaf is full of natural antioxidants, the most prominent being Oleuropein and Hydroxytyresol. We use our leaves to produce extracts and teas with proven immune boosting and cardiovascular health benefits.

Each olive will vary, but a typical olive contains around 50% water; 22% oil; 15% pit; 11.5% flesh and skin and 1.5% antioxidants and other minor components. Fresh olives are used to create our award-winning range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

‘Pomace’ refers to the remaining pulp from the fresh olive after the oil and pit have been removed. The pomace contains high amounts of water, organic matter, carbon, nutrients (including nitrogen and potassium) and is a key source of antioxidants including squalene and Hydroxytyrosol.

Olive pits are a very hard material containing primarily cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. The pits are typically used as a source of bioenergy and are used on our farms to produce thermal energy for our production operations.

For further details on our Speciality Ingredients please visit www.boundarybendwellness.com or contact us at ingredients@boundarybend.com.