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Harvesting and Processing


Cobram Estate Olives is a pioneer in over-the-row mechanical harvesting.  We currently own 29 olive harvesters, including 23 purpose-built Colossus® mechanical over-the-row harvesters and three Optimus® II mechanical over-the-row harvesters developed in conjunction with Maqtec Argentina.  These fast and efficient picking machines enable us to pick our fruit quickly and transport it to our olive mills in optimal condition.


Extra Virgin olive oil is simply the natural juice from fresh olives.  We take care of the olives in the grove and cold press them in our on-site olive mill within six hours from harvest.  The quality of the final product is just a natural result.  A fully computerised traceability system allow us to locate in our groves the trees harvested to produce each of our tanks guaranteeing maximum quality and security for our customers worldwide.