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Cobram Estate Olives Limited started as a seller of bulk Australian olive oil, commencing with its first harvest in 2002.
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Along with owning Australia’s two largest selling olive oil brands, Cobram Estate® and Red Island®, Cobram Estate Olives is a leading supplier of bulk olive oil to the manufacturing, foodservice, supplements, and cosmetics industries.  When purchasing from our company you are buying direct from the farmer, not a cooperative or middleman.  Located in Victoria, Australia, and Woodland, California, we have olive oil stored in stainless steel tanks under a belt of nitrogen, held within a temperature-controlled environment.  Our entire warehouse and supply chain is set up to maximise freshness and preserve the quality of our olive oils.

How are we different?

Our fully integrated model means we control the entire process from tree nursery through to harvesting, milling and distribution.  This process allows full traceability of oil down to specific rows where olives were harvested.  Our partnership with Modern Olives® laboratory in Australia and California results in all orders being supplied with a comprehensive certificate of analysis.  This gives you peace of mind via thorough chemistry and organoleptic testing.

What do we offer?

We sell a variety of grades of olive oil ranging from premium extra virgin olive oil through to virgin and refined.  Within extra virgin olive oil we offer mild, fruity and robust blends to meet the varying requirements of our customers, along with single varietals.  We understand that some foods will call for a milder flavour that should not overpower other ingredients, as opposed to other products that call for a spicy, robust extra virgin olive oil that enhances flavour.

Our packaging range varies from one-gallon jugs through to barrels, totes, and tankers.  Being in the northern and southern hemispheres allows us access to two harvests.  This also affords us supply chain advantages whereby olive oil products can be shipped to various parts of the world with short lead times.

How can we add value to your business?

Our core values are based on integrity and authenticity.  Customers must be able to trust the source of their olive oil, and that oil purchased is true to label.  We focus on quality and authenticity through our production processes and quality assurance procedures to eliminate the guessing game often involved with sourcing edible oil.  We believe the oil we produce should improve the quality, taste, performance, and health benefits of products in which it is used.  We empower bulk oil customers to outsource their global olive oil sourcing, price negotiation, vendor certification, testing and quality assurance needs to a single, reliable vendor.


For bulk oil enquiries please provide your details below or contact us at bulksales@cobramestateolives.com with any questions, or for a quote.