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At Cobram Estate Olives we believe in a future where people and nature thrive in harmony. 

It is estimated that food production globally is responsible for a third of all human driven greenhouse gas emissions and agriculture is a significant contributor to climate change, deforestation, and biodiversity loss. 

With the world population set to reach 11 billion people by the end of this century, the need for sustainable food production has never been greater. The challenge is how to feed a growing population with less resources while protecting and restoring the ecosystems that we depend upon.

We accept our responsibility to current and future generations. If we consider the ‘EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health’, olives as a crop and extra virgin olive oil as a product are perfectly positioned to play a critical role in the sustainable production of food and the adoption of healthy and sustainable diets.

Our Sustainability Framework

The following framework represents an overview of topics that are important to Cobram Estate Olives in the context of sustainable development. 

We are using this framework as a stepping stone to further develop our formal sustainability strategy that reflects the most material sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities to our business and stakeholders. Additionally, the strategy considers appropriate targets and commitments to drive improvements, as well as recognised reporting frameworks for effective transparency and disclosure. 

Australian Financial ReviewSustainability Leaders

Cobram Estate Olives has been recognised for its innovation in sustainability by being awarded as an Australian Financial Review Sustainability Leader for the second year in a row. This recognition in the Agriculture & Environment category is a testament to the many years of investment behind our sustainable practices and our continuous improvement mindset. 

Coles 2023 Sustainability Partner of the year award

The positive role that our product plays in sustainable supply chains was recognised by our retail partner Coles where we were awarded their 2023 Sustainability Partner of the Year award. 

Coles has set ambitious targets on ‘Together to Zero Emissions’ and ‘Together to Zero Waste’. Cobram Estate’s production system results in a better than carbon neutral footprint and our farming system produces less than 0.5% operational waste, we are proud to be able to support our retail partners on their significant commitments. 

Woolworths Supplier of the Year Awards 2022 – Better Tomorrow Award

Woolworths Supermarkets recognised our organisation as their sustainability supplier of the year in 2022, with Cobram Estate Olives receiving the Better Tomorrow Award. In a field of over 50 nominations, our organisation was selected as a winner for supporting Woolworths’ priority sustainability areas of People, Planet, Product.

Notice – Cobram Estate Regenerative Farming Project

This is to bring to your attention that Carbon Friendly Pty Ltd is acting as the project proponent for the project titled Cobram Estate Olives Regenerative Farming Project (VCS ID 4435). The project involves the implementation of a combination of project activities, including application of organic materials and mulch to reduce the reliance on synthetic fertilisers and to improve soil health; cover cropping and inter-row biomass generation; establishment of permanent tree crops; improved water management; and others.

Carbon Friendly Pty Ltd has joined forces with Cobram Estate Olives in executing these project activities.

The primary objective of this project is to achieve significant greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals. As a result of these efforts, Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) may be generated. These VCUs will be claimed by Carbon Friendly Pty Ltd under VERRA (formerly known as the Verified Carbon Standard) as carbon credits for their commitment to sustainability.

These carbon credits will be distributed to Cobram Estate Olives. The issuance of carbon credits is essential to acknowledging and rewarding the efforts of all involved parties in contributing to environmental sustainability.

The purpose of this public notice is to provide transparency about the Cobram Estate Olives Regenerative Farming Project and its carbon credit claims. We strive to engage all stakeholders in this journey towards a greener future and seek your support and cooperation.

For any inquiries or further information about the project, please feel free to contact us at:


Dear Community Members,

In relation to the recent public notice about the “Cobram Estate Olives Regenerative Farming Project”, we understand the importance of transparency and the need to address any concerns or grievances that may arise. We, Carbon Friendly Pty Ltd, are committed to fostering an open and inclusive environment where stakeholders can voice their grievances and seek resolution in a fair and unbiased manner.

If any member of the community or stakeholder has grievances related to the project or its implementation, we encourage you to reach out to us through our designated grievance mechanism. We take your feedback seriously and will ensure that your concerns are duly considered and addressed.

Grievance Procedure:
– Submission: Grievances can be submitted in writing via email or letter to our designated grievance officer at, subject: Grievance 4435.
– Information: Please provide detailed information about the nature of your grievance, the specific issues you are raising, and any relevant supporting documents or evidence.
– Confidentiality: Your identity and personal information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and your grievances will be handled discreetly.
– Acknowledgement: Once we receive your grievance, we will promptly acknowledge its receipt, usually within 5 business days.
– Review and Investigation: Our grievance officer, along with the project team, will conduct a thorough review and investigation of your concerns.
– Resolution: We will work diligently to find an appropriate and timely resolution to address your grievances. If required, we will engage in dialogue with you to discuss potential solutions.
– Feedback: Following the resolution, we will provide you with feedback on the actions taken to address your concerns.
– Escalation: If you are dissatisfied with the resolution provided, you have the option to escalate the matter to a higher authority within Carbon Friendly Pty Ltd for further consideration.

Please note that our grievance mechanism is an essential component of our commitment to accountability, and we take every grievance seriously, irrespective of its nature. Our objective is to ensure that all stakeholders are heard and that any legitimate concerns are addressed promptly and fairly.

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of environmental sustainability and community engagement, and your input plays a crucial role in helping us achieve our objectives.

If you have any grievances or require further information about the grievance mechanism, please do not hesitate to contact our grievance officer at




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Our Brands

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