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Cobram Estate Named Healthiest Olive Oil in the World

Cobram Estate Named Healthiest Olive Oil in the World

In the inaugural “Health & Food, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards” announced in Spain, Boundary Bend won some very prestigious global awards including;

1. The “Healthiest Oil in the World” was awarded to our Californian Mission variety (the main component of the Cobram Estate California Select) which is only sold in the USA. This was judged on laboratory tests which measured the key drivers of Extra Virgin Olive oil’s health benefits such as:

  • Levels of Antioxidants
  • Fatty Acid Composition
  • and Oleocanthal content

This is a great achievement by our USA team.

2. The “Best Institution for Research and Education for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oleocanthal and Phenols” was awarded to Modern Olives (our fully owned laboratory).

3. Leandro Ravetti (our Technical Director) was also the recipient of an award in the Master Milling/ Chemical Engineering Category.

For full release: Cobram Estate_Press Release_HEALTHIEST OLIVE OIL