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USA Operations
Cobram Estate Olives Inc. has established the headquarters of its USA operations in Woodland, California.

Cobram Estate Olives USA

The launch of USA operations came after several years of analysis of the rapidly growing USA market and aligned with the companies mission to produce high quality, locally grown extra virgin olive oils in key markets. USA consumers have shown a preference for higher quality extra virgin olive oils as a healthy enhancement to their everyday culinary experience.

In July of 2014 Cobram Estate Olives purchased a 9-acre industrial property in Woodland, California, for the construction of an olive oil mill, bottling facilities, olive oil laboratory, and administrative offices.  This site serves as the production facility for Boundary Bend in California. Subsequent facilities are planned in other areas of the state as production volumes increase.  The city of Woodland was selected due to its geographic proximity as an agricultural hub and is ideally located for transportation of products to the West Coast and broader USA market.

Today our USA operations include:

  • Olive growing operations totalling over 407,000 trees planted on 707 hectares of long-term leased and freehold properties. Cobram Estate Olives planted its first olive grove in the USA in 2015 with subsequent plantings in 2019, 2021, 2022, and 2023. 
  • Olive fruit supply agreements with a number of Californian olive growers.
  • An integrated olive oil facility in Woodland, California USA, which serves as the Company’s USA head office and includes nursery operations, an olive mill, bottling operations, olive oil storage and warehouses.

Cobram Estate Olives is continuing to invest in the development of its USA operations including planting more groves and contracting more fruit supply from third-party growers with a view to capitalising on the growing demand for high quality, Californian grown, extra virgin olive oil.