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About Cobram Estate Olives

Cobram Estate Olives Limited (“Cobram Estate Olives” or “CBO” or “the Company”) was founded by Paul Riordan and Rob McGavin in 1998. Over the past 25 years the Company has grown to become the clear market leader in the Australian olive industry and a global leader in sustainable olive farming with operations in Australia and the United States of America (“USA”) and Australia’s top-two homegrown olive oil brands, Cobram Estate® and Red Island®. Today, CBO’s extra virgin olive oils are recognised for their world class quality, receiving 706 awards since 2003 including our Cobram Estate® California Robust being named one of the world’s healthiest extra virgin olive oils in 2022.

CBO’S Business Model & Competitive Advantages

1. Vertically integrated operations with strategically located, freehold-owned, olive groves and olive mills.

CBO operates a fully integrated business model, with its large-scale olive groves and olive mills some of the largest in the world, enabling the Company to achieve efficiencies in olive growing, processing, and marketing. The Company owns 18,677 hectares of freehold farmland, of which 16,700 hectares are located in central and northwest Victoria and southwest New South Wales. In Australia, CBO is the largest olive farmer with over 2.6 million olive trees planted on 7,000 hectares of freehold farmland. In the USA, the Company owns 407,000 olive trees planted on 707 hectares of long-term leased and freehold properties in California.

The Company also owns three olive mills (two in Australia and one in the USA) with over 144 tonnes per hour of combined olive milling capacity, enabling it to control the milling of every olive it grows. To complete its vertically integrated operations, CBO owns 29 olive harvesters, two bottling and storage facilities, 20.5 million litres of olive oil storage capacity, Australia’s largest olive tree nursery, and one of the world’s leading olive research, development, and testing laboratories – Modern Olives® – with labs in Australia and the USA.

2. Proprietary Oliv.iQ® Integrated Olive Production System

CBO’s exclusive and proprietary olive growing system, Oliv.iQ®, is the result of more than 25 years of practical experience, research and innovation carried out by the Company under the supervision of renowned expert and Joint-CEO, Leandro Ravetti. Oliv.iQ® allows CBO to grow more olives per tree, accumulate more oil in those olives, and extract more olive oil out of the olives at a higher quality and lower cost of production than the next best growers in the world, as highlighted in a 2019 study by U.C. Davis, California USA. All the while using less water, less fertiliser, and sequestering more carbon per litre of olive oil produced than global averages.

3. Premium market-leading brands Cobram Estate® and Red Island®

CBO focuses on the sale of premium quality extra virgin olive oil products, primarily in proprietary brands, to optimise the selling price per litre for its annual olive oil crops and to minimise commodity and currency risk. The Company owns two of Australia’s leading olive oil brands, Cobram Estate® and Red Island®, which had a combined market share of 34.5% of olive oil supermarket sales by value in Australia and 1.1% of olive oil sales in USA supermarkets in FY2023. In taking a ‘tree-to-table’ approach to olive growing and marketing, CBO manages all aspects of the olive life cycle and ensures that every bottle or tin of extra virgin olive oil produced by the Company meets its high standards.

4. Industry-leading sustainability initiatives and products

Recent greenhouse gas assessments have shown that CBO’s grove operations are better than carbon neutral. As part of its sustainability strategy, the Company continues to focus on upcycling the valuable by-products from extra virgin olive oil production and commercialising these through internal use and B2B sales.

Positioned for Future Growth

With an unwavering focus on superior quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction through all facets of its business, CBO has developed a reputation as a leading player in the global olive industry. The Company is well positioned for future growth, driven by its maturing Australian olive groves which will deliver additional extra virgin olive oil to support branded sales growth and deliver incremental profit and cashflow due to production costs being relatively fixed, and its rapidly growing, vertically integrated, Californian business.

About Cobram Estate Olives


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Our Brands

We are a leading player in the global ‘modern’ olive industry, with brands incluing; Cobram Estate®, Red Island®, Wellgrove®, Modern Olives® and Oliv.iQ®.

Our Brands
Our Brands

Cobram Estate Olives Story

Rob & Paul planted the first olive tree in 1998, which has matured into over 160 people working across multiple sites in Victoria, Australia, and California, USA.

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